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Salesforce Developer

Course fee is fully 100% refunded if you are not benefited.

Salesforce Fundamentals

     Multi-tenant Architecture

     Developing in Cloud

     Development cycle

     Upgrades and maintenance

     Types of Applications suitable for

     Customization in the cloud

     Salesforce CRM Objects

     Tabs, Apps

     Lab 1


Designing Applications on the Platform

     Basic Application Design

     Building Applications on the Platform

     Lab 2


Data Modelling

     Salesforce Objects and Relationships

     Import and Export data

     Lab 3


Logic and Process automation

     Formula Fields

     Rollup Summary fields

     Validation Rules


     Process builder

     Declarative vs Apex

     Apex Classes and Interfaces

     Batch Apex, Future methods

     SOQL, SOSL, DML statements in Apex

     Apex Triggers

     Governor Limits

     Execution Order, Recursion, cascading

     Exception Handling


     Integration overview

     Lab 4,5,6,7        


     Outbound Integration

     oAuth, Basic Integrations

     WhatsApp Integration

     Inbound Integration

     Web Services

     Integration with a NodeJS Application

     SOAP Integrations


User Interface

     Page Layouts, Custom Buttons, links, actions,

     Visuaforce Basics

     Visualforce Controllers

     Standard vs Custom vs Extension Controllers

     Standard Set Controllers

     jQuery, Pagination, JS Remoting, AJAX

     Lab 8


Salesforce Lightning

     Introduction to Lightning Web Components


          Advantages of LWC

          Settings in Visual Studio Code

          Anatomy of LWC

          Naming Convention


          Simple LWC

          Data Binding , Render Conditionally, Render Lists


          Access Salesforce Resources

          Life Cycle

     Working with Salesforce Data

          Lightning Data Service

          Wire Service

          Call Apex Methods

          Base Components

     Event Handling

          Create and Dispatch Events

          Handle Events

     Targets of LWC

          Quick Actions

          Lightning App Builder

          Visualforce Pages


          Lightning Message Service



   Overview of profiles

   Profiles and Permissions.

   Profile and Access to Data.

   Profiles and the User Interface

   Lab 9


Controlling access to Records

   Overview of record access.

   Record Ownership

   Organization-wide Defaults

   Roles and “Group” of Users


    Lab 10



   Apex Test Classes

   Using Test Data

   Execute Anonymous vs Unit tests

   Lab 11


Debug and Deployment Tools

   Debug logs

   Deploying data between sandboxes

   Change Sets

   Application Life Cycle

   Lab 12



   Reports, Dashboards

   Lab 13

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